Monday, August 15, 2011

Test..again...New peice and Nisei Festival

Hiiii soooo...i ended up Changing my test at the last minute...which sounds like me so! here it is :) enjoy..I really hope I get this Job please wish me luck! :D

I've also started a new piece, here's a screen cap of what my progress is so far...Hopefully it will go well, thank you Kristina for the wacom but it ended up not working as well as I hoped, so I am using the mouse for all much anyway if you have any critiques, please don't keep them to yourself :).

As for the Nisei Festival It was awesome! I had fun with Krissy and Micheal, plus I got to meet a lot more people. Who where pretty much one of the coolest people I have met. Anyway I will post More photos on FaceBook, but Here's one pic I love most :)

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