Monday, August 15, 2011

Goat lady

Done! Please, any critiques, I appreciate it :)....Enjoy~

Test..again...New peice and Nisei Festival

Hiiii soooo...i ended up Changing my test at the last minute...which sounds like me so! here it is :) enjoy..I really hope I get this Job please wish me luck! :D

I've also started a new piece, here's a screen cap of what my progress is so far...Hopefully it will go well, thank you Kristina for the wacom but it ended up not working as well as I hoped, so I am using the mouse for all much anyway if you have any critiques, please don't keep them to yourself :).

As for the Nisei Festival It was awesome! I had fun with Krissy and Micheal, plus I got to meet a lot more people. Who where pretty much one of the coolest people I have met. Anyway I will post More photos on FaceBook, but Here's one pic I love most :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


So I Got an email yesterday from Gamzee and they wanted to hire me as a 2d artist...buuuuut they needed me to do a test so this is what I came up with. 


My favorite thing to eat has to be Ice cream! >.< I could literally live on it! anyway enjoy~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pengi's day

I'd like to think that pengi experiences the same things I do through out my day so here's My/Pengi's day :D. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Sunday

Well I didn't get the internship but I did get another one from Basecamp. So wooooo! I guess? more free work anyway! I made this drawing of my friend soco ^^ here's her link to her profile if u'd like to go through :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sooooo Xoobis gave me another shot woooo! Hope I don't mess this up! anyway this is how I felt when they gave me a second chance. I love pengi! XD I should probably start the project instead of procrastinating haha.

Sleep deprived that I actually am tired there's an owl just outside my window...hooting...over and over...My life is cursed DX...Sooo I ended up drawing him:
Its not as good as I would like it but Its not bad considering I didn't use a wacom.

Today was uneventful, I did find out my dog has fleas noooooooo, which is weird because we give him a bath everyother day. He's so fluffy that everything gets into his hair, here's a pic of momo soooo cute!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I LOVE CLOCKS, I think when I get my own place there would have to be clocks everywhere..seriously, I always need to know what time it is. It's like I'm always racing against it, if its a deadline or sometimes I time myself with doing stuff around the house, even drawing...I know I'm odd... Anyway! The clock is more of a artsy concept: 

So In other news... I think I might have insomnia because I have been sleeping really really late...or early? Well either way, I haven't slept and it's already 6 fml....Oh well FTW! I'll continue painting away weeeeeeee...