Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year!!! :D

So alot has happened this year. Graduated, got a job, got a puppy, got my own place and I got my illustrations plublished in a book. Woo! now thats alot to take in, I hope more is to come this year (other than our government screwing us over but all will be well) anyway! Here is the cover to my first published book and the video I did for MSN (Tadapix) :D

 The title isn't on here but its called "The Galactic Adventures of Jaedyn G." Its an adorable book about a girl who stands up to her bully and then zel comes along with the same issue! You gotta read it to find out :)

This is the link for the vid: 
(I would have uploaded it, but my internet is lame)

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